Mezcal Animations at Sweet Thunder Festival, San Francisco

This month my visual music composition ‘Mezcal Animations’ will be screened at the Sweet  Thunder Festival in San Francisco.  The film is being shown as part of a programme of electroacoustic works curated by Tom Erbe.  I am currently working on ‘Cenote Animations’: the sequel to ‘Mezcal Animations’, which also uses direct animation on to standard 8mm film.

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Entoptic Phenomena at Sonic Fusion Festival

This week I will be presenting a paper, as part of the Sonic Fusion Festival at the University of Salford, Manchester:

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Entoptic Phenomena: Categories of Psychedelic Electroacoustic Music
This paper discusses the use of Altered States of Consciousness (ASC) and states of hallucination in particular, as a basis for the composition of electroacoustic music.  The piece Entoptic Phenomena (5:44) is an example of such an ‘ASC composition’, which is based on an imagined hallucinatory experience that occurs in an isolation tank.  The sonic materials are based on typical features of a hallucination, such as visual patterns, auditory hallucinations, distortions to time perception and hallucinated entities.  These are then arranged into a musical structure based on the typical progression of a hallucination in time, with several distinct phases and an onset, plateau and decay.  Entoptic Phenomena can be considered to incorporate several distinct types of sonic material.  For example, it contains sounds that are representative of normal real-world environmental sounds, sounds based on auditory hallucinations, and sounds that synesthetically describe non-auditory phenomena.  In this paper I will attempt to break down these different categories, and thereby situate Entoptic Phenomena as one example of several possible modes of electroacoustic composition that are based on ASC.
Friday 4th April 2014, Sonic Fusion Festival, University of Salford

Upcoming guest lecture

Upcoming lecture/research seminar I will be presenting this month, providing an introduction to the field of visual music and interactive audio-visual artworks, together with a discussion of some of my recent projects in this area, which explore biofeedback as a controller for psychedelic computer artworks.
This month I will also be performing my cyberdelic electroacoustic composition ‘Surfer Stem’ at the International Festival for Artistic Innovation, hosted by Leeds College of Music.
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Biofeedback and Interactivity in Visual Music and Computer Arts
This session will provide an overview of Jon Weinel’s research in Creative Industries.  Visual music is a form of experimental film which consists of visual materials arranged into musical structures, often with accompanying sound.  While the pioneers of visual music in the 1960s worked with hand-drawn animation, mechanical devices and early computer graphics, modern technology enables us to conceive of interactive visual music.  In this session Weinel will provide a contextual background to the field of visual music and discuss several ongoing collaborative projects at Glyndwr which explore the use of biofeedback technology in the context of visual music and computer-based artworks. 
March 26th 2014, Glyndwr University, 12:30pm-1:30pm, venue TBC.

Processing Sketch

New processing sketch.  (n.b works okay in safari/mac, not so good in chrome/windows!)

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Seeing Sound Conference

Coming this weekend, Bath Spa University’s Seeing Sound conference.  My fixed visual music piece ‘Mezcal Animations’ will be screened in the ‘Fixed Media Works 1′ session on Saturday 23rd November at 5pm.  The programme also includes lots of other interesting visual music pieces and papers, and includes a programme of classic visual music compositions by James and John Whitney.

The sequel to my piece ‘Mezcal Animations’: ‘Cenote Animations’ is currently in production.