Egg Raid (2014)

Egg Raid is a software proof of concept I created in Max/MSP.  Inspired by Discordianism, it explores the concept of hiding easter eggs is live performance software.  For more info please check out my paper from the International Computer Music Conference in Athens.


ACERemix (2014)

ACERemix is a software prototype that I created for an ongoing collaborative project with Stuart Cunningham.  The project explores the use of audio similarity as a means to produce glitch artefacts and was recently presented as a paper at the International Festival of Artistic Innovation, held at Leeds College of Music, and at Audio Mostly 2014, Aalborg University, Denmark.

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 15.42.59

Quake Delirium EEG (2014)

This year I upgraded the original Quake Delirium by adding EEG as a passive control device for the ASC effects.

Psych Dome Software (2013)

‘Psych Dome’ was a visual music arts installation which was presented at William Aston Hall, Glyndwr University, 16th October 2013. An EEG headset worn by the observer is used to provide a control signal that affects aspects of the psychedelic sounds and graphics.

Download Psych Dome (beta)

Atomizer Live Patch (2012)

The Atomizer Live Patch is a live performance system for use with a laptop and CME Bitstream 3X MIDI controller.  It has several sound generating processes, including granular synthesis for producing drones in real-time, a step-sequencer, random sample player, tone generator, dj mixer and more and supports 5.1.  As used during my performance at the ISSUE Project Room in NYC (2010).

Download Atomizer Live Patch for Mac (no media)

Download Atomizer Live Patch for Windows (includes media, big download)

Entoptic Phenomena Live: PreICMC04 (stereo mix)

Atomizer Live Patch main user interface

Bass Drum, Saxophone and Laptop (2010)

This is a project which I worked on with saxophonist Sol Nte.  The software provides automated DSP and triggering to create a psychedelic performance.  For more information, please see my article in eContact.

Download Bass Drum, Saxophone and Laptop Software (Windows)

23rd Feb 2010 Session No.1

 23rd Feb 2010 Session No.2

Bass Drum, Saxophone and Laptop user interface

Mutations (2011)

Mutations is a piece of software which I programmed for composer Robert Ratcliffe, which was designed collaboratively for Rob’s composition ‘Mutations’.  For more information, please see our article in eContact, for performance info contact Robert Ratcliffe.

Download Mutations (megamix) Software (contains Windows and Mac versions)

Mutations (megamix) user interface

Quake Delirium (2011)

Quake Delirium was a piece of software which I produced to hack the video game Quake.  It modifies the game by automating graphical parameters and adding a new soundtrack to make the game more psychedelic.

Download Quake Delirium Software (Windows only)

Quake Delirium user interface

Atomizer Visual (2011)

This is a small patch which I used for to create some of the strobing visual material in my video Tiny Jungle (see my videos page).  The video below shows a live jam with the software, matched to a techno track by Surgeon.

Download Atomizer Visual Software (Max/MSP patch)

Atomizer Visual user interface